Thursday, May 31, 2012

Music Information Technology –FAQ

1. What is MIT?

Vocal Music and music from acoustic instruments like violin, veena, guitar etc are known as acoustic music. Music produced by synthesizers; handled by computer, Internet, CD, MP3 gadgets, etc are known as synthetic music. Music Information Technology – MIT is related to all kinds of development and applications of Acoustic/Synthetic Music based on the science of music.

2. What is Digital Music?

Music produced by acoustic instruments and music listened by ears are called Analogue Music. Analogue Music becomes Digital Music through A/D converter. Also Music produced by synthesizers is Digital Music.

3. What is Synthetic Music?

Music can be produced electronically without using actual music instruments or human voice. Such a music produced by electronic devices or computer will be synthetic music.

4. What is Acoustic Music?

Music produced by human voice and acoustic music instruments is called Acoustic Music.

5. How can Computer Music be Acoustic Music?

Acoustic Music becomes digital when recorded by a digital device. A computer may be used to remove the defects and improve its final product through editing without introducing any additional synthetic music. Such a music output processed by a computer will still be Acoustic Music. 

6. Can music be partly acoustic and partly synthetic?

Yes. Computer can add synthetic music to acoustic music and the final product may be partly acoustic and partly synthetic. Most of the modern music belongs to this category.

7. What is Science of Music?

For a sound to become music, it must have pitch, duration, loudness and timbre. A study of all these aspects of music, applying the relevant principles and laws of Acoustics is known as the science of music.

8. What are the areas of business and employment scope in MIT?

The areas of business and employment scope in MIT are music-programming languages, music application software development for music composing, editing, development of Music education aids and application packages, music related entertainment and advertising industry, multimedia products, internet radio/TV station, and ring tones.

9. What are the advantages to the Engineering students/graduates with MIT skills ?

At present all kinds of jobs involving music software development and applications related to music & entertainment industry are handled by self trained persons. B.Tech graduates with MIT skills can develop products to the meet the demands in the music education sector and entertainment industry. Also open to them a new field for higher studies & research in ‘MICROSOUND’ and ‘Computational Linguistics’.

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