Friday, January 18, 2013

Music Learning

Before & After Computer

Before  Computer:


One has to learn to play a music instrument or vocal to understand music and need to visit a music teacher at predetermined timings

The above learning will be confined to one kind of music Western, Indian Karnatic or Hindustani, Chinese, etc

Knowledge of Musical Acoustics not essential to Musicians

After Computer:

One can learn music through computer with or even without learning to play music instrument or vocal – No need to visit a music teacher - online & off line (thru learning software)

The above learning can follow universal basic methodology empowering to understand any kind of world music

Knowledge of Musical Acoustics becomes essential and easy to learn as part of the above methodology

With the above skills, learning to play acoustic music instrument will become easy reducing the period of learning 

The skill to play any kind of world music becomes easy

Computer literates can master MIDI, music programming languages like CSOUND and synthesis of music using MICROSOUND

With the above knowledge one can develop music education, editing and entertainment related application software catering to the ever growing music market

The above skills are related to the convergence of music and computing Technology known as Music Information Technology (MIT)

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