Tuesday, September 4, 2012

                  New Classical Music is arriving !

Anything that goes down will go up in nature.

The whole world, disturbed by violence & disharmony, is craving for peace and harmony.

All kinds of modern music developed in the path of anti-classical and anti-establishment, exhausting all the resources in music,  finally landing in sound acrobatics as music and accompanying the rhythmic acrobatics as dances. There were bold experimentation during its growth phase,  loosing the steam in the decay phase.

The age of audience patronizing classical music is increasing & hence their number decreasing. The young prefer a mix of sound acrobatics and music cemented by emotions of love, anger and hatred.

Creativity and originality is at the lowest ebb, resorting to remix music.

“… creativity is at its lowest ebb since the early 50s. The space awaiting good  new music of any kind is immense” – Mr.Martin Kettle in ‘The Guardian’ 1 February 2005.

The bold experimentation referred above may have the seeds for the New Classical Music.

The present significance to vocal based  middle (4th )  octave  ( frequency range from around 260 Hz to 530 Hz) may be replaced by the arriving New Classical Music with significance to the ear’s most sensitive region ( about 2700 – 3200 Hz), employing the developments in MIT including MICROSOUND (FAQ below)

Freed from all kinds of mental conditioning, let us be alert to become the early birds to identify the arrival. May be some of us are blessed to play a role in it.

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